Corporate Challenge Racing Series

The Corporate Challenge Racing Series (CCRS) is a program organized through the Nashville Sports Council to promote fitness, teamwork, and community among business organizations in Middle Tennessee. CCRS does this through creating different corporate divisions in a series of Middle Tennessee road races during the year. These races are structured to encourage participation by having multiple divisions based on the size of the company. The way in which points are distributed is based on age group places rather than times. (Click the Rules and Scoring button for more information).  

Most CCRS races benefit local charities and all are supported by the Nashville Sports Council.

If interested in your corporation having a team, please contact Aldo Amato for more information.

Upcoming Races

26th Annual Tom King Classic Half Marathon & 5K - February 29th 

Purity Moosic City DairyPure Dash - April 11th 

Nashville Striders Firecracker 5K - July 4th 

Back in the Day K - August 22nd 

Nashville Oktoberfest 5k Bier Run - October 12th 

Team Divisions/Eligibility

  1. Divisions are based on the number of employees at all locations in Middle Tennessee and the number of runners entered. There are generally 4-5 Divisions (A, B, C, D, E) for each race, depending upon the number of entering companies.
  2. An effort is made to keep the number of teams in each division balanced for each race based the number of divisions and the number of runners per team. The objective is to structure the divisions to provide corporate awards for all participants.
  3. All team entrants must be employees receiving benefits, retirees, or full-time contract employees placed on permanent assignment at a company.
  4. Regular part time employees receiving benefits are also eligible.


  1. Teams will be assigned to an A, B, C, D, or E Division.
  2. The team captain must submit a Team Entry Roster by email to CCRS Race Director 8 DAYS before race day in order for the team to participate. This roster is available on the Registration page.
  3. After the roster is submitted, runners can be added or deleted 72 hours prior the race.
  4. Individual runners and are also eligible for individual awards.
  5. All CCRS participants must pre-register for each event either online or by mail - prior to the roster submission. Due to time restrictions to code CCRS participants, participants cannot be coded to a corporate team on the day of the event.
  6. The Team Entry Roster does not enter the individual in the race. It is only used to code a "registered runner" to their corporate team.
  7. Companies may enter and pay for their Team as a group, but must arrange with race officials to do this before race day or runners may register themselves individually as long as they are listed on the Team Roster.
  8. Teams must have at least 3 registered runners to enter a team
  9. Teams are assigned to divisions based on the number of runners on each roster. The division a team is placed in and the number of scoring runners for each division can vary by race. Different races will have different numbers of teams, and teams may have different runners in different races.
  10. Team Fees = None. There is no cost to participate in the Corporate Challenge Running Series other than the normal registration fees for each event.


  1. Teams may enter unlimited runners, but only a predetermined number will score. The number of scoring runners will vary by division and race. This is an example:
    1. A Teams will score 7 runners
    2. B and C Teams will score 5 runners
    3. D and E Teams will score 3 runners
  2. Each runner scores points based on how they place in their age group in the overall race.
    1. a 37-year-old woman places 12th in her age group, she scores 12 points
    2. a 67-year-old retiree places 1st, scores 1 point
  3. Add up the total scores for the number of scoring runners (usually 3, 5, or 7 runners). The team with the lowest total score wins
  4. The scoring is done by volunteer CCRS race directors at each event
  5. Results by team will be posted on the respective race's results website.

Team Captain Members