Cooper Steel Speakers Series: Tennessee Titans

On June 7th, Tennessee Titan fans had the unique opportunity to spend an evening with Head Coach Mularkey, General Manager Jon Robinson, and the 2016 Titan Rookie Class.  The Nashville Sports Council hosted the Cooper Steel Speaker Series with the Tennessee Titans.  The Cooper Steel Speaker Series is one of the many events that corporate and individual members, as well as Middle Tennessee sports fans, can enjoy.  Attendees had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some great guest speakers from the sports world. 

Throughout the evening fans had the pleasure of listening to the voice of the Titans Mike Keith, propel a conversation between Coach Mularkey and General Manager Robinson. They touched on multiple topics such as this coming season’s expectations, anticipations, and even shared fun stories of the team. But what drove the momentum of the evening was discussion of Mularkey’s and Robinson’s new positions, the 2016 Rookie Class, and the competitive edge each player brings to the field. 

When discussing the relationship between Mularkey and Robinson they themselves said they have hit it off since they started working together.  They share the same beliefs and have much in common, which makes for a great pair.  Both men are pleased with what they are seeing on the field, they like where the Titans are and where they are going.

Coach Mularkey is excited to work with the incoming rookie class.  According to Mularkey, these players fit the mold of the vision for the team, they fit right in with the returning players, and they have the right mindset for this team.  This class isn’t walking onto the field as if they were freshman in college.  They are performing at the level necessary to stay up to speed with the returning players. From their short time being with the Titans, they have already shown a strong desire to learn more. This can also apply to the roster as a whole. The returning players and the Rookies both are learning new terminology and strategies from new Head Coach Mularkey, which allows them to grow and evolve as a team.

The Titans are becoming more competitive on and off the field. While on the field, they are becoming faster on their feet, picking up on plays quicker, making corrections once a mistake has been made, and are becoming more consistent.  Off the field, players are asking more questions, taking the time to make connections with each other and the coaching staff, and the team’s confidence has increased. The players are taking matters into their own hands to become the team they strive to be. From the conversation on Tuesday, it doesn’t look like they are stopping anytime soon. 


Post by Elly Nachazel